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Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim lessons are available for children or adults of all swimming abilities. Lessons can focus either on achieving a certain level of overall proficiency or on refining a specific skill.

Children learn to swim using the YMCA Progressive swim guidelines. Using both instruction and play, kids build their skills at their pace, ensuring that they succeed often, build confidence and have fun! The lessons help children develop strokes, water safety skills, life skills, and provide a positive learning experience.

Adults focus on either reaching a specific goal or gaining overall swimming skill. Lessons are great for people who want one-on-one attention, a different pace of learning than with a group, or have very specific swimming goals.

Private lessons are booked usually weekly or bi-weekly depending on scheduling and space constraints. Please contact Evan Burchell at with specific schedule questions.

*Please note: Semi-private (two or three person lessons) are for swimmers already known to each other. We do not match swimmers into semi-private lessons.


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Lesson Type Member Non-Member
One (1) 30 min. private lesson $30 $45
One (1) 45 min. private lesson $45 $67.50
One (1) 30 min. semi-private lesson (per swimmer) $22.50 $35
Eight (8) 30 min. private lessons $220 $275
Eight (8) 45 min. private lessons $275 $350
Eight (8) 30 min. semi-private lessons (per swimmer) $160 $220


Our Lightning Policy


For more information please contact Evan Burchell at 617-661-9622 x702 or