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Chad Shabazz



12 years as a Cambridge YMCA employee


For the last 12 years I’ve had the pleasure of working for the Cambridge YMCA organization in several departments. This allowed me the opportunity to get involved and familiar with the core values of the YMCA through working in Childcare, Front Desk, Basketball, and Fitness departments. I am excited for the opportunity to solely focus on the Fitness Department as my passion for health & wellness continues to grow!

Ever since I was a young boy, I loved the concept of organized sports and being part of a team. This helped me develop my social skills, learn how my actions could affect those around me, and how much people depended on me, as I did them. How does this relate to fitness you ask?

In my junior year of high school I failed the fitness test for the Cambridge Falcons Football Team! The most embarrassing moment was not being able to lift the weight off of my chest while using ALL OF MY strength. It was then that I realized how much physical fitness and being in shape affected not only how you performed on the field, but also how you felt about yourself in everyday life. That year I followed a new diet plan and I began to notice that I didn’t sweat as much during gym class, carrying groceries upstairs was much easier, and I wasn’t out of breath doing basic things.

After high school I continued to pursue my passion for fitness by becoming a professional dancer and dancing for various Dance Teams and competitions across the country and overseas!

The community feel, family environment, and commitment to serving the people as the team of staff members is what I enjoy the most about my time here at the Cambridge YMCA. I hope to continue to add to the standard of excellence while exemplifying what it means to be socially responsible and I live healthy!