Cambridge YMCA
820 Massachusetts Avenue | Cambridge, MA 02139
P. 617-661-9622

Capital Gifts

Capital gifts are made and restricted for specific purposes such as renovations and restorations of our facility.

Now that you know the many ways you can give, here are many reasons to consider why you should give:

•    The Cambridge YMCA serves more than 700 children in Youth and Childcare Programs.
•    More than 5,000 adults use our facility each year for fitness activities.
•    Our youth basketball program enrolls over 450 boys and girls.
•    Our swim team enrolls over 30 boys and girls.
•    More than 100 children participate in our Summer Programs.
•    We provide over 190 families with financial assistance.
•    Our After School Program includes musical theatre, arts and crafts, swimming lessons Monday through Thursday, cooking, dance club, and sports club.
•    This year over 1,000 children will learn water safety and swimming techniques.
•    In May 2003, the City of Cambridge and the Cambridge Historical Commission presented the YMCA with an award for outstanding achievement in historic preservation for the work completed on Durrell Hall, our lovely Victorian theatre that was officially opened in 1897 and re-dedicated in December 2002. During our first years of operation, we hosted, on many occasions to a full house, a variety of theatrical performances, readings, book signings, concerts and plays.
•    Our facility boasts a men’s health club, women’s health club, nautilus, basketball courts, boxing club, running track, racquetball courts, swimming pool, preschool and after school centers and theatre.
•    Our programs are designed to meet the needs of all ages, from babies to seniors, and we are firmly committed to change and add programs, as trends in healthcare and lifestyles dictate.